React Native Developer Job Description

The key to Shopify is the ease with which literally anyone, startup, or company can create their e-commerce. Using programming patterns, code can be written to solve a variety of complex problems. The consistency in fundamentals is the most important quality you can have. HTML and CSS are the foundations for creating basic websites, while Javascript allows you to add a plethora of functionality to your software. Babel is a javascript parser that can convert all of your HTML syntax into basic javascript files. Though it will seem to be an HTML Proper at first glance, you will soon discover the class.

But, overall this sums up nearly all skills that are required for this role. Browse through our software development success stories with tangible results. Hire highly-skilled on-demand teams to build sustainable, secure, and strategic digital solutions.

react native developer skills

To become a great developer it is not enough to have some theoretical knowledge of how things work. You have to practice and build them from scratch to get a perfect understanding of what each item does and then use it effectively during the development process. One of the best variants to practice is to build your own project and this time we will talk about setting up a React Native project with Expo. React Native testing utilities are often used in mobile application development to encourage good testing practices. But just because a candidate has theoretical knowledge, it is not certain that they can apply that to the practicalities of software development. An online coding test can give you a glimpse into how well a candidate can develop an application using React Native.

Roles and responsibilities of an aspiring react native developer

Developers work with engineers and stakeholders, so communication is integral to their job. Impeccable communication skills are required to share the progress of the projects, solve problems, and help teammates. Software developers need active listening, interpersonal communication, and public speaking skills. An Udemy beginner’s course helps developers get familiar with the essential concepts of React Native and start building app interfaces quickly.

react native developer skills

If your projects involve backend development, you should hire someone who has good backend skills. If he can show you a mobile app that he has developed using React Native, it means he has working knowledge of React Native. He is known for his visionary qualities & adaptability to the latest technology and trends. Being passionate in every aspect, he is dedicated to offering smart mobile & web development solutions accessible and approachable for all business enterprises. Ensure analyzing the most prominent skills of a react native developer before hiring.

Avoid Unconscious Bias In Your Tech Recruitment Process

In Europe, Glassdoor reports that the average salary in the United Kingdom is £60,000 per year, and Talent reports it is €68,648 per year in Germany. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. A high-level React developer should be able to work with HTML tags, write CSS selectors, understand the box model and how to reset the border box, and have an understanding of flexbox.

react native developer skills

React Native developers have been in high demand following the popularity of React Native framework. If you want to hire a react native developer, you can mention below the skills that are required for this role. The applications created with the platform are nearly similar to native apps, and they can be designed in any way. If you are trying to recruit a React Native Developer, here are some of the positions and duties to look for before making a decision.

It’s likely that you will be working with clients and teammates, which is why having good communication skills is important. This can help you avoid misunderstandings and could allow you to move forward with the web application development at the right pace. There are various third-party plug-ins available for React Native that save developers the hassle of building applications from scratch, which is both hectic and expensive. Some of these plug-ins are JavaScript-based, while others are native modules. You can install these plug-ins from the React Native Directory or the npm Registry. By reducing capacity building and expanding a development team, the technology reduces time-consuming tasks.

Clients can also cross-check with developers if they have questions about the initial brief and can collaborate if needed. The next two points, while not specific to React Native developers, are important to keep in mind when hiring developers of any kind. Effective communication in a workplace is essential for sharing ideas and improving processes.

Some Popular Apps Built with React Native

The response is that React native is not always sufficient, and developers must use Java, Swift, and Objective-C to reach the phone’s deeper layers of usability. Finding accomplished React Native developers must be easy, but recruiting the best would almost certainly necessitate some analysis and commitment. My name is Ginny D. Adams and I am a writer and developer with We’re specialized in App Development Stories, Details Application Review, CEO Interview and technologies Blog content sharing, and Writing. Once you start working on your team-playing skills, you can work on more agile and complex projects.

  • The menu buttons, forms, icons, images, voice recognition, and gesture-driven interfaces are just a few of the options you can introduce into your website.
  • There are a lot of resources for beginners to learn and for advanced developers to extend their knowledge.
  • Elements are optimized for optimal efficiency on a wide range of web-capable platforms and browsers.
  • But despite their differences, React and React Native are remarkably similar, with React Native using a lot of the fundamentals of React.
  • One of the major benefits of React Native is that it’s written in JavaScript, making it far more accessible to your existing web team.

This is the right resource if you are an experienced developer who wants to experiment with React Native for cross-platform mobile app development. React Native Express covers everything you want to know about the programming language to get started. Professional developers often use this guide and the official React Native documentation to build apps. It covers the fundamentals of JavaScript and essential React Native libraries that are not explained in the official documentation. The biggest advantage of React Native is that it allows the React Native developer to create applications for different platforms without having to learn and use multiple tech-stacks. Facebook calls this approach “learn once, write anywhere.” Their goal in developing React Native is to unify the knowledge required to build mobile applications.

Setting up a React Native project with Expo part 1

At Rootstack we have a team of React developers qualified to solve any technological problem that our clients present, with updated knowledge and in constant growth. This problem, a very big one for the most widely used social network in the world, motivated a Facebook team to optimize the way views are rendered based on changes in the application data. They managed to solve their problem and brought React into the world. Without a basic understanding of javascript basics and ES6 skills, it is impossible to progress in ReactJS. Are you aware that ReactJS is an open-source language that helps in creating smartphone applications?

We also unpacked the skills an engineering leader should look for when hiring React Native developers. We are here to talk about one of the popular roles based on React Native app development – React Native Developer. Cross-platform app development has changed the way how enterprises and small businesses consider building an online presence. It has made mobile app development faster, easier, and cheaper as it allows building one codebase that runs across different platforms and devices. While there are many software and frameworks for developing cross-platform apps, JavaScript still remains the king of cross-platform development.

Junior React Native Developer

Designers who work with React Native should be well-versed in a variety of React Native software and technologies. Complete understanding of Javascript and the ability to articulate script that is both optimized and functional. Elements are optimized for optimal efficiency on a wide range of web-capable platforms and browsers.

Ability to write well enough and easily understandable Javascript code. This was the first part of setting up a React Native project with Expo. Here you have received the basics and steps of how you should do things.

Integrated approach for innovative healthcare delivery across the value chain. Why is it that a significant percentage of smartphone owners do not plan their apps according to the target audience? Concentrating on the crowd is a compilation of viewers who may be future customers for your product, so your app must have all of the elements that define your concentrating on gather. Not only does it save money, but it also cuts production time by a considerable amount, allowing for quicker consumer adoption. Our company has a vast experience and is known to provide its clients with an excellent service.

When you are looking to hire dedicated react native app developers, you must be sure that your developer has great communication skills. They must be conversant in iOS and Android UI to make sure their app conforms to all major guidelines and imparts Native performance. We will allow you to take interviews react native developers with our best React Native developers from the company. Based on the interview, you can hire React Native developers of your choice for the project. Our team has excellent experience delivering numerous functional, robust and scalable React Native development projects to users worldwide.

What skills should you look for when hiring a React Native programmer?

A React Native developer must have strong foundational knowledge of ES6 and React, so you should ask your candidate whether he knows these technologies very well. You can ask him a few technical questions to test how well he knows ES6 and React. Developers frequently use imagination since they work on developing novel ways to show data or design user-friendly user interfaces.

Our team of developers is currently working on a mobile app for our company. We are looking for an experienced React Native developer to be a part of our fast-paced, dynamic company and to help us create a native-looking, fast, scalable, and high-performing mobile app. We expect you to join our team to show your skills in creating outstanding products and share your experience in APIs, and JavaScript-based frameworks, such as React Native and libraries. Also, we count on your clean code and ability to find and fix bugs if necessary, as well as ability to work with existing code.

It is crucial to know that every react native company that provides NodeJS development services must have in-depth knowledge of Javascript. Here we have come up with a list of some incredibly built applications with react native languages trending in 2023. Name a few companies that are using React Native to build applications.

React Native Developer Requirements & Skills

Before starting on your journey of becoming a React Native developer, it’s important that you learn how to program in general. This is because React Native uses JavaScript as its primary language. Having a clear understanding of how data handling is done in React is vital, as it is something you’ll be doing quite frequently. Using React, you can build reusable UI components and pass data between them. Components are written using a special JavaScript syntax extension called JSX . The very first thing you should cover in JavaScript are the fundamentals of the language.

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