CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam Overview

I could do this for these first two weeks since I have summers off, but I know not everyone has the luxury of taking this much time every day to study. I was going to reschedule it since I knew I needed more time but the test center was booked for weeks and I didn’t want to wait that long. If I was working a full-time job as I was during my first A+ core studies, I would have given myself at LEAST a month to study in the evenings and weekends, if not more. Managing time while answering Performance-Based Questions is vital for success in CompTIA Network+. Unlike multiple choice questions, PBQ are based on problem solving abilities and can take a lot of time to answer. Analyze the problem before solving it and only then attempt it.

  • The Network+ exam topics include wired and wireless networks, design, implementation, network infrastructure, network troubleshooting, and network security.
  • Evaluate your skills and build confidence to appear for the exam.
  • Sometimes a bit of a break is all that’s needed to make those neural connections mesh the right way.
  • I passed both CompTIA A+ cores earlier this summer and gave myself exactly 3 weeks to take the Net+ but I was worried as soon as I saw the notes that I may need more time.

Knowing the exam objectives does more than just prepare you for the layout of the exam. It is basically a roadmap that enables you to know how fast or slowly you are moving through the material. By Using Total Seminars’ All-in-One CompTIA Network+ Certification Guide, You Can Pass the Network+ test with ease!

How to Deal With Failing the Network+

The problem of self-study, on the other hand, lies in the lack of accountability. Because you are not graded on anything except your net+ CompTIA Network+ exam score at the end, you may find yourself procrastinating and skipping some material without even realizing it.

How hard is the Network+ exam

Using official CompTIA textbooks or materials from well-established industry pros is a great way to ensure you’re getting quality materials. There’s a reason it’s a common nightmare for anyone that’s ever been in school, even briefly. This goes double for CompTIA exams which are a big investment in terms of time and preparation. There are three main styles of learning – Auditory, Tactile, and Visual. Figure out which type of learning is best for you, and it will help you determine the best way to organize your studies. Research says that most people are visual learners, meaning that they remember things by sight.

Related questions

Like knowing how long 1000base-SR can be run is great, but if you don’t understand networking at it’s core and what happens at layers 1-3 of the TCP/IP model it does you no good. Lastly, Multiple-Choice Questions often create a chaotic state in your head. In other words, you can always eliminate answers that are obviously wrong. Moreover, you can recall the information related to the question. Doing so can be a surprisingly effective method for remembering the right answer. Therefore, figuring out what works best for you is the best exam trick when you have to do a ton of studying.

As per job site, the average salary for a networking professional is $82,082 per year in the United States. Making sure you know the testing location is especially important (which is why ACI Learning offers a Pearson VUE testing center for you to take the exam on-site). If you do have to travel to a new location, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time in case you get lost.

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