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We provide you with on-demand real lab environments that you can play around with right in your browser. The lab and the coding exercises challenge you to develop chef cookbooks and recipes to solve daily issues in an environment. This course introduces a beginner in DevOps to basic fundamentals of Chef with easy to do hands-on exercises that you can practice right in the browser. The course introduces basic use cases of Chef followed by an introduction to Chef Resources, Recipes, Cookbooks, RunLists, Roles, Ohai. Find demos that show how to setup a Chef environment on AWS Cloud platform. Each lecture is accompanied by a set of coding/lab exercises giving the user a hands-on experience in developing Chef code. Finally test your knowledge with the help of an assignment which will give you real world experience in solving a problem.

chef certification devops

If you invest in brushing your job market’s in-demand skills today, you will surely have the best returns tomorrow – in the form of high-paying & satisfying job options. I have more than 10+ Years of experience in DevOps profile and more than 3 Years of training experience, delivering both offline and online trainings. My skill sets and the topics on which I provide trainings includes AWS, Build Tools, ANT, Maven, Gradle, Versioning Control Tools, Perforce, GIT, Serena Dimensions, Scripting Languages, Perl, BASH, Python etc. Suggested learning paths will be identified that may include online tutorials, instructor-led training , documentation, blogs, etc. KnowledgeHut has trained over 35,000+ professionals in CSM with 100% exam success.

Devops : Automate Your Infrastructure With Puppet

The way the chapters are grouped is really helpful for a beginner. “Great Learners are made by great Trainers” and which is why we at JanBask Training hire our trainers for each course meticulously & based on the stringent assessment process. Certifications are important but only when you have put enough learnings and understanding behind it to get it. For instance when you will use a certified professional in “technology/skill name” within your signatures – just imagine the impact you will be creating. To meet the financial difficulties of every student or professional, along with our high percentage of seasonal & occasional discounts, we provide easy installment payment options too. If you are still scared of identifying whether you need to invest in upskilling with us or not, you can request our free counseling and demo class. Additionally, we will discuss the Ruby programming language as it applies to this exam.

chef certification devops

Also, helping more than 70 software organizations globally, providing coaching, mentoring and consulting in devops, CICD, cloud, containers and operations. Yes, Zeolearn has well-equipped labs with the latest version of hardware and software. We provide Cloudlabs to explore every feature of Chef through hands-on exercises. Cloudlabs provides an environment that chef certification devops lets you build real-world scenarios and practice from anywhere across the globe. You will have live hands-on coding sessions and will be given practice assignments to work on after the class. In this course you will learn how to use Chef in order to turn infrastructure into code so that you can automate configuration, deployment and management of your servers.

Chef DevOps Certification

He loves to share his technical expertise with audience worldwide at various forums, conferences, webinars, blogs, and LinkedIn. He has written books on IT automation named “Effective DevOps with AWS”, “Automation with Puppet 5” and “Automation with Ansible” which has been published by “John & Wiley” and “Packt Publisher”.

How does Chef work in DevOps?

As mentioned earlier, Chef is used to automating the process of infrastructure provisioning. The Chef tool helps in speeding up the deployment process and software delivery. Being a DevOps tool it helps in streamlining the configuration task and managing the company's server.

Every group used its own tool-set, and there was no accountability to finance or security. In this type of Configuration Management, the centralized Server pushes the configurations to the nodes.

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